Minimize your exposure to TV coverage of the event.

Although it is important to be informed and there is a strong desire to watch everything, excessive exposure to the images on TV can result in long-term psychological trauma. Parents should know that this is especially true for children.

When you can talk:

Talk about the event with family members or loved ones. Encourage family members to describe what they saw, heard, thought, felt.

Talk to your children.

Set an example by expressing your feeling and showing problem-solving skills in dealing with these feelings.

Maintain consistent standards about important issues with children but be more flexible with less important ones.

Be flexible with chores and roles.

Allow time to resolve your feelings.

Give yourself, your coworkers and your family time to do this at their own pace. With your family, address this as a family issue, not an individual one.

Give and ask for support from family members, friends and the community.

Be more tolerant. Give each other space.

Review emergency preparedness. Improve those areas that need some attention and have family practice drills.